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This 100 day aged cheese is a blend of cow, sheep and goat’s milk from La Mancha; prior to 1985, it was also considered a Manchego cheese. Though the texture and appearance are similar to Manchego, the flavor exhibits characteristics of all three milks. It is rich and buttery and finishes with a perfect balance. Campo is always made with a minimum of 40% goat and sheep milk, giving it more flavor.

CHEESE TYPESemi-firm cow, sheep, and goat’s milk cheese
ORIGINCastilla la Mancha, Spain
AGINGMinimum 3 months
SHELF LIFE9 months
INGREDIENTSPasteurized cow, goat, sheep’s milk, cheese cultures, rennet, salt, lysozyme (from egg white).
APPEARANCEThe wheel has a brown zigzag rind. The paste is deep yellow with a few small, irregular holes.
FLAVORThe use of three milks produces a full flavor that balances richness with acidity. As it ages, the cheese will become chewier but should never taste overwhelmingly bitter or salty.
KEY POINTSOne of our most popular mixed milk cheeses, Campo de Montalban highlights the flavor of 3 milks in each perfectly balanced bite. It’s a wildly flavorful, approachable cheese at an excellent price point.
HISTORYThis is a non-DO cheese produced in Toledo by one our most esteemed cheesemakers, the Corcuera family. Before 1985, when DO Manchego was created, this was considered a type of Manchego. Mixed milk cheese is the most commonly produced cheese in Spain. The exact proportion of the milks varies due to availability and the flavor profile will change accordingly. The milks add depth to the flavor, as each one’s characteristics shine, along with the herbs and grasses that the animals have grazed on.
HANDLINGPlease make sure product is at room temperature before sampling. Uncut wheels may be stored in refrigeration for several months.
SERVINGSPairs well with roasted tomatoes or sweet accompaniments like Mitica® Membrillo or fruit pastes. Try Tempranillo or pale ale as an accompaniment.


Campo De Montalban - 8oz Wedge (approx)