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A pleasant, mild cow’s milk cheese from Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands. The paste is pale yellow in color with numerous eyes and a characteristic orange rind. Young Mahon is aged 4 months and is mild with a nutty finish.

CHEESE TYPESemi-soft cow’s milk cheese
ORIGINMenorca, Spain
AGING4 months
SHELF LIFE4 months
INGREDIENTSPasteurized Cow’s Milk, Salt, Lysozyme (from egg), Rennet, Cheese Cultures. Rind coated with Carotene. Inedible rind.
APPEARANCEThe cheese is square with rounded edges and an orange rind. The interior is pale yellow with numerous eyes.
FLAVORMild with a buttery flavor and nutty finish.
KEY POINTSThis is the most famous cheese of the Balearic Islands. Mahon can be melted or eaten as a table cheese. This is one of our great value cheeses.
HISTORYMahon is produced exclusively on the island of Menorca. The people of Menorca have been making cheese at least since Roman times and by the time of the Moors, were exporting cheese to North Africa. In the 1400’s, Tuscan traders sought to purchase wool from the island’s sheep and were forced to also purchase cheese as a part of the trade agreement. They unloaded most of the cheese on neighboring Mallorca, which is still one of the strongest markets for the cheese. In 1985, the cheese received DOP status. The island is rocky with a mild climate and heavy rainfall. Sea winds and high atmospheric humidity irrigate the pastures, giving the milk a high acidity and a touch of saltiness.
HANDLINGMahon is a hearty and stable cheese, designed to keep well. Uncut wheels may be stored in refrigeration for several months. Once cut, wrap unused cheese tightly in plastic. If mold grows on the cheese, it may be scraped off or dabbed with a vinegar solution.
SERVINGSVersatile in the kitchen, whether shaved into a salad or sandwich or melted into a sauce or dish. It may be served drizzled with a little olive oil, fresh black pepper, and chopped herbs. When eaten on its own, Mahon pairs wonderfully with fresh fruit, a cold beer, or glass of sherry.


Mahon DOP - 8oz Wedge (approx)