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Known as the “Queen of Almonds,” Spanish Marconas are sweet, plump, and flavorful with no bitterness. Expertly select these prized almonds for the highest possible quality. They are prepared in the classic Spanish way: peeled, fried in small batches, and salted. As a snack or served with tapas with a glass of Cava or a chilled lager.

 ORIGINValencia, Spain
ALLERGEN INFOContains nuts
SHELF LIFE12 Months. Once opened:3 months @50-65° F, 45 days @ 66-74° F
INGREDIENTSMarcona almonds peeled, sunflower oil, sea salt
APPEARANCEShorter, rounded and more plump than other varieties. 
FLAVORSweeter, more delicate flavor. Its soft texture is similar to macadamia nuts.
KEY POINTSPrized Spanish almond renowned for its superior texture and flavor.
HISTORYKnown as the “Queen of Almonds,” the highly prized Marcona is indigenous to Spain. Requiring more time and specialized growing conditions, the trees flourish in the region of Valencia. Plumper than most varieties, this smooth, tan almond contains high amounts of essential oils. It is sweet and softer than most almonds. Our almonds are peeled, fried in sunflower oil, and salted to highlight the almond’s flavor, not overpower it. This is the most traditional way Marcona almonds are prepared. They are commonly eaten in Spain as an appetizer or to complement the meal.
HANDLINGStore sealed in a cool, dark place for maximum shelf life.   
SERVINGSAs a snack or served with tapas with a glass of Cava or a chilled lager.  


Marcona Almonds - 4 oz Mini Tubs