Whether you are an experienced chef, or novice home cook, having the best ingredients is essential. Willpowder is a careful selection of new kitchen staples. Anyone who has shopped in traditional markets knows that it is difficult to find satisfactory ingredients for baking. It is nearly impossible to find specialty technical products that home cooks would use to replicate some of the world’s most innovative dishes. Willpowder makes the experience feasible with its product line and online support network.

Professional chefs are familiar with the difficulty of obtaining obscure chemicals: minimum orders are just too large. For chefs interested in testing out new ideas, or developing variations on existing ideas, there is not a reliable source for small amounts of desirable ingredients. Willpowder makes it happen for chefs with product, special bulk pricing, and an unparalleled personalized attention.

Chef Will Goldfarb has spent the better part of a decade scouring the world for the best products from the worlds most innovative chefs.