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Product Description

The history of Fangotti production has ancient roots and is lost in time. It is said that these particular ceramic plates were made for the first time in Caltagirone, where the inhabitants were very skilled in working clay to create useful objects for everyday use. Over time, the Fangotti became increasingly popular and began to be used even outside the city of Caltagirone, quickly becoming known throughout Sicily.

Inside of these unique, hand made, Fangotti bottles is I.G.P. extra virgin olive oil derived from a combination of  some of the most common olive varieties in the region of Sicily (Nocellara del Belice – Cerasuola - Biancolilla). These have very different characteristics by color, perfume and taste, but skillfully mixed in the right percentages they manage to express an excellent harmony. The result is a very pleasant medium fruity oil, full of hints of fruit, spices, and a clear aftertaste of tomato, almond and artichoke. It lends itself to cooking based on fish but also on soups legumes, red meats, cheeses and all vegetable-based dishes.

The Fangotti bottles come in a variety of designs depicting Silician every day life. Due to limited quantities and variety of designs, we cannot guarantee any specific design. Each order will receive a design selected at random during packing.

Each bottle is entirely hand made by artists in Caltagirone. 

Available in limited quantities!

Technical Information
Trade name: Centonze - Case di Latomie - I.G.P. Sicilia
Commodity nature: Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.
Oil type: I.G.P Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Variety: Nocellara del Belice - Cerasuola - Biancolilla
Area of origin: Sicily
Height of groves: From 50 to 800 meters above sea level
Pruning technique: Vase Disk
Plantation type: Spacing 6 x 6
Harvest time: October-November
Method of harvesting: Picked by hand
Type of processing: Continuous cold cycle (2 phases)
Filtering: Filtered
Certifications: Irvos - Sicilia I.G.P.
Appearance: Very dense and opaque. Intense green color with golden yellow glints
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Taste & Aroma
Aroma: Spicy and herby full bodied and persistent
Taste: Medium-intense fruity, fully rounded. A bitter and spicy balanced with a pleasing aftertaste of tomato, almond and artichoke
Food Pairings
Ideal on all fish but also on them vegetable soups, red meats, cheeses and all dishes based on vegetables
Does not contain allergens
Shelf Life
24 months from date of bottling

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Italian IGP Made in Italy Olive Oil
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