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This dry cured sausage has been flavored with paprika to give it a bit of a kick. Coarsely chopped Ibérico pork meat is mixed with pork fat to create a sausage superb for tapas or cooking.

TYPE MEAT100% Ibérico dry-cured sausage
BREEDPurebred Ibérico pigs
ORIGINAndalucia, Spain
AGINGMinimum of 90 days  
SHELF LIFE9 months
INGREDIENTSAcorn fed Ibérico pork, salt, paprika, dextrin, milk powder, whey, sodium caseinate, garlic, dextrose, rosemary extract, potassium nitrate, sodium citrate, paprika extract. contains: lactose. Beef casing.
APPEARANCESemi-dry texture with deep red-orange color and some marbling.
FLAVORMeaty and unctuous, with a mild spiciness. 
HISTORYTo create this standout chorizo, coarsely chopped Ibérico pork meat is mixed with pork fat and spices to give it a of a kick. Ibérico pigs roam on almost one million acres of Dehesa (oak forest) in the Valle de Los Pedroches in the province of Cordoba in Andalucia, Spain. Each pig has almost 2 acres to itself and feasts on acorns from Encina Oak trees, which are considered to be the sweetest in Spain. All Dehesa Cordobesa® products are de Bellota 100% Ibérico, which means the 100% purebred Ibérico pigs finish their lives eating acorns until they reach the correct weight for slaughter (min 3-4 months). The fat in the meat is high in oleic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids, both thought to help decrease bad cholesterol.
HANDLINGStore in a cool, dry place. Trim casing before sampling.
SERVINGSSlice thinly and serve at room temperature. A classic addition to a tapas plate, with membrillo, manchego, and marcona almonds. Perfect for a cheese plate or for use in cooking.


Chorizo de Bellota 100% Ibérico - Presliced - 71g (2.5oz)