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Our sherry vinegars are produced by a family-run company that has been making sherry vinegar in Jerez for 4 generations. A trained winemaker and cellar master, Joaquin took over the business from his father. El Majuelo is known as one of the top artisan sherry producers in the region.Most sherry vinegars are produced using the Palomino grape. The difference is the aging. The regular sherry vinegar is aged for a minimum of 6 months in American Oak barrels before bottling.

 ORIGINAndalucia, Spain 
SHELF LIFE4.5 years  
FLAVORComplex, with notes of fig, almond and oak tempering the bright acid. 
KEY POINTSGreat alternative to balsamic vinegar that should be a pantry staple. 

El Majuelo is known as one of the top artisan sherry producers in the region. Joaquin’s family has been making sherry vinegar in Jerez, Spain for 4 generations. A trained winemaker and cellarmaster, he recently took over the business from his father.


Sherry vinegar is made from Sherry wines (100% Palomina Fina), using the traditional criaderas and soleras process of transferring vinegars from barrel to barrel over a period of many years, and giving the vinegar its unique character. Acetic fermentation converts alcohol to vinegar as it ages slowly in American Oak barrels. The barrels are aligned in three or four levels making a series of steps. The lowest barrel contains the oldest vinegar and is called solera, as it is nearest floor level or el suelo. The next one up, primera criadera or the first nursery, contains a younger vinegar. The top barrel, known as the seconda criadera or the second nursery. contains the youngest vinegar. When the vinegar is ready for consumption it is always extracted from the solera by means of a process called saca meaning to “take off”.  Younger vinegar is then transferred to the bottom row, for the next batch of sherry vinegar. 

HANDLINGShelf stable. 
SERVING RECSUse it in vinaigrettes in place of red wine vinegar. Add a splash to gazpacho or rich, meat laden stews that need a hit of acid.  


El Majuelo - Vinegar De Jerez 750ml