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Membrillo (quince paste) contains only three ingredients: quince, sugar, and lemon, cooked into a reddish paste. The naturally high pectin content in the Valencian quince gives the paste its firm and jelly like texture. Using fruit from their own trees, Paiarrop’s membrillo is famous in Spain for being just like Grandma used to make; it is fresher tasting and less sugary than many commercially produced varieties. It has a shelf life of one year opened or unopened – the color darkens with age.This product is handmade artisanally in Valencia by four brothers who take great pride in their work.

 ORIGINValencia, Spain 
SHELF LIFEApproximately 15 months after production date; 6 months upon opening. 

The naturally sweet-tart flavor of quince (reminiscent of apples and pears) enhanced with a touch of sugar and lemon to preserve a bright, fresh flavor.


INGREDIENTSQuince paste, sugar, lemon 

Historically, quince has been a symbol of both good luck and fertility and was favored among many aristocrats and monarchs. But their real magic lies in the kitchen; their lovely flavor is only released upon cooking the fruit with sugar for many hours, creating soft, sweet, and fragrant membrillo or jam. The first written mention of membrillo is the 5th century, in the Roman cookbook of Apicius, who stewed quince fruit with honey, and has since become a staple of Spanish cuisine.


Produced by Paiarrop in Valencia, Mitica® membrillo contains only three ingredients: quince (a relative of the apple and the pear), sugar and lemon, cooked to a reddish paste. The naturally high pectin content in the Valencian quince gives the paste its firm and jelly-like texture. Made by hand the old fashioned way, this membrillo is less sugary and fresher tasting than many commercially produced varieties. 

HANDLINGKeep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Color may darken with age but this has no bearing on the flavor or quality.
SERVING RECAny salty or blue cheese pairs well with membrillo. Traditionally, the Spanish pair sliced Membrillo with aged sheep’s milk cheese such as Manchego, Zamorano, Idiazabal and Roncal. It can also be used in baking and as an all natural, fruit-based dessert for those sensitive to wheat and nuts.


Membrillo Casero (quince paste) 10oz