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A unique goat’s milk cheese from Sardegna with very limited production, Pantaleo is aged a minimum of 100 days. Made with milk from the Capra Sarda goat, this ivory-colored cheese with a pale rind is sweet and flavorful with a clean floral finish.

CHEESE TYPESemi-firm goat’s milk
BREEDCapra Sarda
ORIGINSardinia, Italy
AGINGMinimum 100 days
SHELF LIFEMinimum 3 months
INGREDIENTSPasteurized goat’s milk, rennet, salt
APPEARANCEStraw colored rind with a semi-firm ivory colored paste.
FLAVORSweet and full-flavored with a clean floral finish that’s not too goaty.
KEY POINTSLimited production cheese from Sardinia.
HISTORYAged goat’s milk cheeses are relatively rare in Italy. Pantaleo has been produced since the 1960s, when goats were first introduced to the island of Sardinia. Since they produce little milk and only for about 6 months out of the year, it’s a limited production cheese. Aging for at least 100 days tempers the goatiness of the milk, while producing a robust, pleasing, salty-sweet flavor.
HANDLINGKeep cool. When sampling allow to reach room temperature.
SERVINGSShave over salads, grate over pastas, or chisel morsels from the whole wheel. Excellent with crisp white wines and fruity reds. Try with the local Sardinian Vermentino or a lighter Cannonau.


Pantaleo - 8oz Wedge (approx)