Tartufi di Fassia opened its US offices in 2010. Tartufi di Fassia is a company known for its passion, experienced staff, and professional approach in the world of truffles. Our team is composed of industry professionals, as well as others able to provide only the best possible produce to the finest tables internationally. Together we have crafted a new image in the world of truffles, synonymous with professionalism, competence and above all quality. With some of the best-equipped staff in the business, Tartufi di Fassia places itself in the market fully aware of the high demands placed on them by consumers. In our office we inspect each truffle, selecting only the ripest most fragrant pieces, catering exactly to our clients requests. Only by doing so, can we insure the highest quality product. Why New York? PAQ was founded on the Tenuta di Fassia in Umbria, Italy, where our headquarters are still based. New York was chosen because the short turnover time from harvest to arrival into the U.S. gives us an edge in providing only the highest quality fresh truffles. We are able to ship our truffles to New York in approximately eight hours avoiding any gap in our carefully controlled HACCP control chain, ensuring the freshest and highest quality truffles.