Centonze Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

The family-run business Centonze 'Case di Latom1e' is located in Castelvetrano City area in Sicily. Just 7 Km away from Selinunle, it has 16,850 olive trees distributed on overall 74 hectares of fenced land cultivated with organic method. The company name comes from the term 'Lalomie,' that you can find inside the property. 'Latomie' are the quarries which ancient Greek people left in 800 BC and where they used to extract huge blocks of stone used to build their biggest colony in the western Mediterranean Sea, the magnificent Selinunte. Case di Latom1e is one of the first places of the Mediterranean Sea where the olive tree arrived and has been cultivated inside the property ever since. There are several centuries-old olive trees. One especially is over 1200 years old (Saracen Olive Trees). Some of these trees are completely melded with the rock giving unique and extraordinary shapes.