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Made in Italy
USDA Organic

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Artisanal Organic Bronze Cut Mezzi Rigatoni from the Abruzzo region of Italy

The secret that makes our pasta so delicious lies in the top-quality grain, that we mill so carefully, in the pure water that flows from the Majella mountain springs and in the drying process that sees the pasta dried slowly and gently at very low temperatures. The machines and old dies are just as important: they create just the right temperature for the dough to form.

Artisan pasta produced in this way has plenty going for it: it is easier to digest, lets the true taste of the grain shine through and above all, it has just the right amount of absorbency, which is the real secret to ensuring pasta goes with any sauce.

Durum wheat semolina, water.
Net Weight
11lbs (5kg)
Cook Time
11-13 minutes
Wheat. May contain soybeans.
Shelf Life
36 months

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Cuts & Shapes Dry Pasta Made in Italy Organic
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