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Introducing Primo Pan's Drolo Biscotti – where the charm of oddity meets the delight of decadence. In the provincial parlance, "Drolo" signifies 'odd,' and these cookies are a whimsical departure from the ordinary, inviting you to embrace the extraordinary.


  1. Hazelnut Magic: The secret to the Drolo Biscotti lies in the round gentle hazelnuts, renowned for their nuanced flavor. These prized nuts, comprise 40% of the Drolo Biscotti's ingredients, bringing a delightful nuttiness to each bite. 

  2. Quirky Elegance: Primo Pan's Drolo Biscotti embody the playful spirit of oddity, offering a delightful departure from the conventional. Each cookie is a testament to the art of embracing the unconventional, infusing a sense of whimsy into your snacking experience.

  3. Light and Tasty: These biscotti are a harmonious balance of lightness and flavor. Indulge in the delicate taste of round, gentle hazelnuts that infuses each bite with a nutty sweetness. Perfect for those who appreciate a treat that is both satisfyingly tasty and surprisingly light.

  4. Versatile Oddity: Primo Pan's Drolo Biscotti are more than just cookies; they're an invitation to celebrate the unexpected. Pair them with your favorite coffee or tea for a delightful break, or let them accompany your moments of creative inspiration – after all, oddity is where brilliance often resides.

  5. Provincial Whimsy: Inspired by provincial charm, these biscotti bring a touch of quaint elegance to your palate. Produced with care and dedication, Primo Pan's Drolo Biscotti are a testament to the craftsmanship that defines the art of Italian baking.

Embrace the oddity with Primo Pan's Drolo Biscotti – a delightful journey into the whimsical world of unconventional indulgence. Let the taste of round gentle hazelnuts captivate your senses and redefine your cookie experience. After all, in the world of Drolo Biscotti, odd is extraordinary.

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Biscotti Made in Italy
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