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This creamy, semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese is manufactured in the countryside of Rome with locally collected milk and aged about one month. Known as a “caciotta” for its small form, Cacio de Roma® is the classic table cheese from Italy with a semi-firm texture and mild sweet flavor. It can be enjoyed as a snack, melted on pizza, or used on a cheese plate. 

CHEESE TYPESemi-firm sheep’s milk
ORIGINLazio, Italy
AGING40 days
SHELF LIFEMin. 2 months in vacuum seal
INGREDIENTSPasteurized sheep milk, rennet, salt
APPEARANCESmall wheel with a smooth, pale yellow rind and a compact semifirm paste, with little to no eye formation
FLAVORRich, sweet, mild flavors mingle in a paste that is minimally salty and sheepy.
KEY POINTSNo preservatives. Versatile table and cooking cheese. Good value. Often referred to as caciotta (“small format cheese”)
HISTORYCacio de Roma® is a classic table cheese eaten in the region of Lazio and throughout southern Italy. The Sini Family began making Cacio de Roma® over 35 years ago on a small farm in the countryside of Rome using same day sheep’s milk collected from local shepherds. Once the cheese obtains its form and some texture, it is bathed in sea salt for 24 hours and then aged on wood in cellars for just over one month.
HANDLINGKeep cool. When sampling, allow to reach room temperature. Always let breathe from vacuum seal several hours before tasting
SERVINGSWhile a traditional table cheese, Cacio de Roma® is also a workhorse cooking cheese. An excellent shredder and melter, it can be simply planed over a salad, or used on pizzas, lasagnas, and panini. Along with Pecorino Romano, it is a must have for the classic Roman dish cacio e pepe. Serve with a fragrant, crisp white such as a Falanghina or a medium-bodied red (Sangiovese).


Cacio de Roma - 8oz Wedge (approx)