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Made in Italy
USDA Organic

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Product Description

This Organic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trio is an elegantly packaged gift set consisting of three premium organic condiments redolent of summer's essence: 

The Basil Infused EVOO (200ml), with a refined and herbaceous flavor profile.

The Lemon Infused EVOO (200ml), with a vibrant and citrusy taste.

The Chilli Pepper Infused EVOO (200ml), with bold and piquant notes of freshly infused pepper.

These are unique extra virgin olive oils, the result of simultaneous co-milling at a constant temperature of 27°C of Peranzana olives, typical of the North of Puglia, and fresh ingredients that are carefully selected. A unique procedure that ensures their high quality and distinguishes these condiments from the majority of other flavored oils available on the market. Each EVOO bottle is 200ml. 

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