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Made in Italy
USDA Organic

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Product Description

Bio Orto's Organic 'Coratina' Grand Cru EVOO is a limited edition organic, monovarietal Grand Cru extra virgin olive oil that best expresses the local terroir and the cultivars that represent the land that has been part of the Posta dei Colli farm from the start.

Highly regarded for its robust flavor and distinct characteristics, it is made from olives harvested from the Coratina olive tree variety, which is primarily grown in the southern region of Italy, particularly in Puglia.

What sets Coratina EVOO apart is its intense and fruity flavor profile. It is known for its strong and peppery taste, with prominent notes of green herbs and a pleasant bitterness. The flavor is often described as robust and complex, making it a favorite among olive oil connoisseurs and chefs.

Coratina olives are known for their high polyphenol content, which contributes to the oil's distinct flavor profile and potential health benefits. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants found in olives that have been linked to various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and potential protection against certain chronic diseases.

In terms of appearance, Coratina EVOO typically has a deep green color, indicative of its high chlorophyll content. The oil has a rich texture and a slightly thick consistency, which adds to its luxurious and full-bodied nature.

Due to its robust flavor, Coratina EVOO is often used as a finishing oil to drizzle over salads, grilled vegetables, or hearty dishes like soups and stews. Its strong taste can also complement dishes that require a bold flavor, such as grilled meats or bruschetta. It can lend a distinctive and flavorful touch to various recipes, enhancing the overall culinary experience.


100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive groves in the countryside of Apricena (Fg), Italy
Taste & Properties
Coratina Grand Cru Italian extra virgin olive oil is loaded with polyphenols, which means it has a taste with a marked bitter and spicy note, and an intense fruity tone. It is the epitome of Apulian cultivars: an olive oil with a brilliant personality, a fine and characteristic taste, with a vegetal aroma.
Suggested Pairings
Ideal for use raw, especially for adding to legume soups, salads and bruschetta.
Shelf Life
18 months from bottling date. Keep in a cool and dark place.


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Wholesale Information
Each Weight 500 ml / 16.9 oz
Case Pack 6
Servings/Case N/A
Case Net Weight 11.2 lbs
Case Gross Weight 12 lbs
Shelf Life 18 months from bottling date
Country of Origin Italy
Storage Temp. Dry
UPC Code 08051490500763
Box Length 10.6"
Box Width 7.3"
Box Height 9.7"
Box Cube 0.43
Tie (per layer) 18
Tier (hi) 7
Cases per pallet 126
Kosher No

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