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Ajinomoto Transglutaminase ACTIVA GS is a versatile and innovative ingredient used in the food industry for its remarkable functional properties. Transglutaminase is a natural enzyme that catalyzes the formation of covalent bonds between protein molecules, enhancing their texture, taste, and appearance.

Ajinomoto Transglutaminase ACTIVA GS is a highly effective enzyme that can be used in various applications, such as meat, seafood, dairy, and bakery products. It can be used to create value-added products with improved texture, juiciness, and slice ability. It can also improve the gelation properties of dairy products, making them more stable and appealing.

One of the most significant features of Ajinomoto Transglutaminase GS is its ability to bond different protein types, creating new and exciting food products. For example, it can be used to create meat alternatives that mimic the texture and taste of meat without compromising the nutritional value or the sensory experience.

Ajinomoto Transglutaminase ACTIVA GS is also an excellent ingredient for reducing food waste by improving the texture and shelf life of suboptimal cuts of meat or seafood. It can also help improve the yield of bakery products by reducing the amount of dough that sticks to the baking tray.

Overall, Ajinomoto Transglutaminase ACTIVA GS is a highly versatile and functional ingredient that can help food manufacturers improve their product offerings and create innovative, high-quality food products that meet the demands of today's consumers.

  • ACTIVA GS is a transglutaminase preparation which is innovative in bonding relatively large food pieces. Contrary to conventional bonding agents such as egg whites and starch.
  • ACTIVA GS can easily bond large red meat cuts and salmon fillet.
  • ACTIVA GS is allergen free, has improved bonding strength and wider handling window when compared to other ACTIVA GS bonding preparations.

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