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Transform your dairy creations into a work of art with Transglutaminase ACTIVA YG from Ajinomoto. This unique blend of transglutaminase, maltodextrin, lactose, and yeast extract is designed to enhance the texture and mouthfeel of dairy products like never before.

Whether you're making yogurt or cheese, Transglutaminase ACTIVA YG is a must-have ingredient that can take your products to the next level. Its natural enzyme transglutaminase helps bond proteins together, creating a smooth and creamy texture that's sure to impress.

Transglutaminase ACTIVA YG is easy to use and can be added directly to your dairy mixture without affecting the taste or flavor. It can also improve the yield and stability of your products, resulting in a more consistent and longer-lasting product.

At the heart of Transglutaminase ACTIVA YG is Ajinomoto's commitment to quality and innovation. Ajinomoto uses only the finest ingredients and adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing to ensure the best possible results. Ajinomoto's blend of transglutaminase, maltodextrin, lactose, and yeast extract is designed to help you create delicious and nutritious dairy products that are sure to satisfy.

Ajinomoto's ACTIVA YG is a transglutaminase preparation designed specifically for dairy applications. The patented combination of ingredients allows the enzyme to be more effective in milk systems. 

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