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Demeter Certified
Gluten Free
Made in Italy
USDA Organic

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Product Description

The Guerzoni grape must is made according to the ancient recipes of the peasant tradition for the preparation of the must for the sugoli (grape sauces): the must comes from the first pressing of the grapes and then cooks slowly together with their skins, in order to intensify its flavor and color; it is then pasteurized and bottled in a vacuum, without the addition of any preservative.

It is obtained exclusively from the red grapes by our company, such as Ancellotta and Lambrusco. 

Its intense flavor makes it a pleasant drink, to be consumed fresh with or without adding water, also suitable for therapeutic fasting or for the grapes treatment. The total absence of alcohol makes it suitable for all ages.

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Condiments & Sauces Demeter Gluten-Free Made in Italy Non-GMO Organic Vegan Vinegars
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