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Guittard Ground Sweet Chocolate is a high-quality, rich and velvety chocolate that is perfect for baking and cooking. Made from premium cacao beans, it has a smooth and creamy texture with a deep chocolate flavor that will elevate any recipe.

This ground chocolate is perfect for use in cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods, as well as for making hot chocolate and chocolate sauces. It has a fine, powdery texture that makes it easy to blend into recipes and ensures even distribution throughout the batter.

Guittard Ground Sweet Chocolate is also versatile enough to be used as a decorative sprinkle on top of your baked goods, adding a beautiful touch of chocolate to your presentation.

Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, Guittard Ground Sweet Chocolate is a must-have ingredient in your pantry. Its superior quality and delicious taste will take your baking to the next level and leave your taste buds craving for more.

Guittard Ground Sweet Chocolate can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Baking: Add it to cakes, cookies, and other baked goods for a delicious chocolate flavor.
  • Hot chocolate: Mix it with milk, water, or coffee for a creamy, decadent hot chocolate.
  • Smoothies: Add it to your favorite smoothie for a boost of chocolate flavor.
  • Ice cream: Stir it into ice cream for a decadent chocolate treat.
  • Coffee: Add it to your coffee for a rich, chocolatey cup of joe.

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