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Frantoio Romano Vincenzo’s “PREMIUM” line of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This exquisite olive oil is a harmonious blend of two cultivars, nocellara dell'Etna and nocellara del Belice. Its captivating appearance showcases a vibrant green hue with delicate streaks of golden brown, indicating its freshness and quality.

Upon nosing, it reveals a medium fruity aroma that delights the senses. The fragrance carries enchanting notes of grass and green tomato, providing a refreshing and earthy experience.

When savoring this olive oil, the taste journey begins with a pleasant bitterness that adds depth and complexity. The palate is then met with a robust and persistent spiciness, which adds a captivating and lively character to the overall flavor profile.

Overall, this olive oil is a true gem, offering a well-balanced and memorable tasting experience. It is perfect for enhancing a variety of dishes, from salads to drizzling over grilled vegetables or dipping artisan bread. Its unique combination of flavors and aromatic nuances make it a remarkable addition to any culinary exploration.

One of the most famous “symbols” of Sicily is to provide a handcrafted object combined with one of the Sicilian oils, to leave a memory of this land and an object to keep even after the content is finished. The legend of the “Moro” (Arabic) head dates back to the 11th century, when the Mori’s invaded Sicily and became part of the population, so much so that it blended perfectly with the Sicilian population. The history of this vase is in the label of the bottle with all the details of the origin of this vase which is found throughout Sicily.

The story of Testa di Moro is heavily featured in HBO TV series, The White Lotus - Season 2.

Technical Features
Cultivar: Nocellara dell’Etna, Nocellara del Belice;
Area of Production: the slopes of Mount Etna and Simeto Valley
Elevation: 500–800 meters above sea level
Free Acidic Content (% of Oleic Acid): from 0.20 to 0.50
Harvest Method: by hand
Harvesting Period: early harvest
Pressing Method: continous cold extraction in the same day after the harvest
Tasting Notes
Color: green with slice of gold brown
Smell: medium fruity with hints of grass and green tomato
Taste: with notes of bitter and persistent spicy
Pairings: with rave food, roasted red meat and beans
Packaging: bottle 0.50L / 16.9oz

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Italian IGP Made in Italy Olive Oil
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